Low Power Surface Computer Options

I was searching to see if a RasPi 4 could be used as the surface computer. At present I an using a Lenovo Tiny but it needs a 12v to 110v AC converter and it is all large and power hungry. A RasPi 4 would eliminate all these problems.
Has anyone got a Raspberry Pi 4 to work as a Surface computer?
Is there another computer smaller than the Lenovo Tiny, or one that will run off 12v?

Hi @Rov36,

I’ve moved your comment into it’s own post, as the original thread was about a Raspberry Pi on the vehicle.

I’m not aware of any updates since you were looking into this last year, but perhaps someone in the community has tried something - we’ll have to see.

One of our ongoing software projects is to make vehicle control possible directly via the BlueOS web interface, which would much better enable using small and low power topside computer options (e.g. mobile phones, tablets, Raspberry Pi with a screen, etc). Unfortunately all good things take time, and that kind of thing likely won’t be available until at least the end of the year.

I suppose if low power and reasonably small are the main variables you’re after you could likely make good use of one of the new ARM-based (Apple M1 / M2) MacBooks, since they apparently have great battery life, and performant hardware for video decoding, but they’re also significantly more expensive than a Raspberry Pi or Lenovo Tiny + screen combo.

Thanks Elliot;
I thought I would ask before I started installing my Lenovo Tiny into my Control console.
It can be changed later. Peter