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Surface computer suggestion

I have successfully tested communication thru my Fathom-X using my trusty i3 laptop but I would rather not use this expensive CAD station for field work. I have searched the forums to see what other users are using for surface computers but wondered if anyone has had any luck with the inexpensive winTablets out there. I understand BlueROV suggests 8G ram, an i5 or better CPU but I would rather not buy a Surface Pro unless I had to. So I guess what I am asking is anyone using a less expensive computer with success with the Fathom-X?

I’ve used a Acer Switch Alpha 12 and like it. It has 8gb of ram and an older i5 processor but you can get them for around $500-$600. Runs Ubuntu very nicely, too.
The real issue for me is finding a monitor that’s actually visible outside and has decent resolution. Lots of industrial equipment makers will sell you one for $2k-$3k, but that’s too spendy for me. I found a somewhat low-res daylight-viewable monitor of the kind used in police cars and the like on ebay for $200 or so and installed into a Pelican-style case with a small form factor PC and that combo works pretty nicely. I used to see alot of kits on ebay that would let you retrofit a bright (~1,200 nits or so) screen into almost any recent 15" laptop, but I’m not seeing them at the moment. That seems like a good way to go if you can find the parts.

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Thanks for your reply. I have had good luck with Acer in the past. It would be nice if more users would share honest computer experience so us new users can get a better idea on what hardware works and even what does not. I am just getting my feet wet and do not want to overspend on hardware until I get an idea what I need in the future. I also don’t want to buy something that does not work which is no savings at all.