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Python script - depth and heading output for OV-REC on Linux

(Steven LE BARS) #1

Hi BR team,

I am trying to use OV-REC software from Etienne of DeltaROV for a demanding operation requiring overlay + ROV position displayed on client’s dwg drawing (from EIVA NaviPac) on the ROV video.

I run OV-REC + NaviPac on one gaming computer under windows and QGC on another one which is a GETAC (to avoid too much CPU consumption and lag risk on navigation because of screen record).

My GETAC runs under linux because I have too much video lag under Windows 8 on QGC + @alexis developped a specific python script for Ubuntu while working for us to open/close/save all the required files automatically and output NMEA GPS position for external software.

I downloaded the python script “BR2data” you developped in order to get depth and heading data for OV-REC. It worked fine when I tried it on the gaming Windows 10 computer running stand-alone for QGC and OV-REC.
I wondered if you developped the same one for Linux so that I can run it on my GETAC computer now that I have a LAN. Indeed, the companion communicates with IP which is the GETAC while the other one is declared as so the script does not receive data anymore.

I will otherwise switch QGC to the gaming computer as well.

One last question: the use of the BR2data script to output depth and heading is compatible with the use of waterlinked in parrallel which also get depth info out of the companion? Can I pass by a specific UDP created by the waterlinked script otherwise to get this data as overlay (at least depth)?

Thank you for your help.

(Jacob) #2

This is a 3rd party software is developed and supported by @etienne, not Blue Robotics. I recommend you get in touch on his website.

I have too much video lag under Windows 8 on QGC

Windows 8 is not supported, you might want to try Windows 10.

(Etienne Demers) #3

Hi Jacob,

Thank you for pushing my details on the forum.

Steven is looking for a python script to get the depth and heading data out of the ROV from a Linux computer.

Since this script is coming from you guys I asked him to get in contact with you to see how to install it on a Linux machine because I have no idea how to do this.


(Steven LE BARS) #4


I have installed windows 10 on my QGC computer, will be easier. Thank you

(Jacob) #5

I don’t know what script is being referred to here. There is documentation on how to get data from the rov on ardusub.com.

(Etienne Demers) #6

The one you made to broadcast the depth and heading to a secondary UDP port.

(Steven LE BARS) #7

Hi all,

I finally found the famous script on a past topic called “heading and depth data to surface”, thank you.

I will try to modify it in order to output on a different IP iand on 2 UDP ports instead of one 25102 and 25103 for instance (because I need it for two different client/software).