Problems with advanced electronics wiring


I’m trying to assemble the advanced electronics wiring, but am running into a few issues.

  1. Connect the lumen light cable to the #7 slot on the PixHawk, but there are two additional wires that I find no instructions as of where to connect them.

  2. Tether cable, it comes with 5 wires… the white and blue I connected to the tether board, the remaining three wires I dont know where to connect them.

  3. Leak sensor/board is missing.

Tomorrow I have a project where I intend to use the BlueROV2, please I would appreciate help on this ASAP

Two of the light cables have to go to the positive/negative terminal block to provide power to your lights.
There are only two wires needed with the Advanced Electronics package. The rest are spares which can be used for other features.
Good luck tomorrow

Todd, thanks for the reply.

I am only able to find one positive/negative terminal block, and it’s the one where the tether cables are connected.

The lumen light has a yellow wire that I connected to the PixHawk, and two additional wires (red & black)

There are two screw terminal strips at the back of the electronics tray. One is for positive power (Red) the opposite side is for negative power (Black).

The stainless steel terminal strip on the left hand side.

I see know, black on port side and red on stbd… so just connect the wires to any of the screws on each strip?

What about the 3 extra wires on the tether?

Yes connect the wires to any screw on the strip with the same color wires already attached… Red to the side with the red wires. The extra tether wires are spare twisted pairs. Just secure them inside the tray. Use them later for extra cameras or sonar.

Thanks so much Todd!!! Im all set on the electronics!!

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