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How do you connect your Blue Robotics Lumen Lights to your Pixhawk

(Jay Abraham) #1

in blue robotics, the documentations says “Connect the signal wire to the appropriate microcontroller pin
Yellow: PWM (3-48 volts)” but i dont know how to attach it to the pixhawk and control it through QGC. Can someone please help im desperate:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

(Kevin) #2

Hi @jjabraham,

Here is the link for connecting the signal wire, and here is the link for the power wires along with pictures detailing the installation.

If you have uploaded the latest default parameters, then your lights should already be setup. If not, here is what your lights set up page should look like if you plugged the signal wire into Channel 7 of the Pixhawk.

(TCIII) #3