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Lights quit working?

(Jake) #1

Okay, I installed my newton gripper and updated my software. Everything works as before except my lights?

Things I have done: reloaded default configuration, tested lights by jumping signal wire to 12v, signal wire connected to main output channel 7 on pixhawk, lights 1 set to channel 7, and I can see servo7_raw parameter change in the MAVlink Inspector. What am i missing?

Thanks. Jake

(Patrick José Pereira) #2

Hi Jake,

From: http://docs.bluerobotics.com/lumen/#quick-start-onoff-with-no-pwm-signal-source

Quick Start (on/off with no PWM signal source)
Connect the power wires to a power source
Red: +10-48 volts
Black: Ground
Connect the yellow signal wire to the the power wire directly or through a switch to turn on to full brightness

The lights are not working when you do this ?

(Jake) #3

Hi Patrick, The lights do work when I do “Quick Start on/off with no PWM signal source”
A strange new problem has presented itself as I continue to troubleshoot this problem:

One lumen light (the last light in the chain) starts to flicker at the 63% step and then is steady at 75%, 88% and 100%. I have 8 brightness steps set in the set-up tab. But when I do the quick start and connect the signal wire to +12V they both light up. My battery voltage for testing is 16.4V.

I know, weird.

Thanks, Jake

(Jake) #4

I had another set of lights and used those to troubleshoot my issue. They worked as expected so I decided to open up my lights to see if there was any signs of water ingress. This is what I found:

It appears that there is some corrosion from a small amount of water ingress. Should I attempt to clean the contacts and reassemble the light?

(Patrick José Pereira) #5

Hi Jake,

This appears to be an infiltration issue, please contact support@bluerobotics.com with this pictures for replacement.

(Jake) #6

Thank you Patrick, I will contact support.