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Light can not be turned on

I tested BlueROV2 after first setup.
But, Lumen is not only turned on.
The rest are fine.
If you found a mistake, would you please point it out and correct it?

Lumen ground wire (red)

Lumen ground wire (black)

Lumen signal wire connected to the Pixhawk channel 7 with the yellow wire oriented toward the bottom of the Pixhawk.

light set up

Joystick setting

I checked that there are no problems with the PWM by oscilloscope(200Hz).
POWER TERMINAL BLOCK’s output voltage is about 16V.
Lumen is broken?

Hi @kazupi,

I’m sorry you’re having trouble! Thanks for all the info here. Did you see a proper PWM signal when you checked with an oscilloscope?

The Lumens will turn on for valid PWM signals and also for a solid high input signal. For instance, for testing purposes, you can unplug the signal wire from the Pixhawk and connect it directly to 16v. The lights should turn on at fully brightness.

If you have 16v power and a valid signal, then something may be wrong with the lights.

Please let us know and feel free to email support@bluerobotics.com in that case.