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How to connect two Lumen subsea lights kit to Pixhawk?

Hi, we are happy owners of BlueROV 2.
Originally it was equipped with one kit of lights (daisy chain), now we have purchased another kit, so i have two yellow PWM connector and two pair power connector, where i connect the second PWM connector to Pixhawk? (first one is in slot 7)

Thank you very much!
Have a nice day!

I have installed new kit as old one but the PWM signal cable on the AUX OUT 1 in the Pixhawk. How to enable it in QGround Control?

@Ciba You can either use a servo Y-harness to connect both signal wires to one PWM output.

Alternatively, you can plug the lights into AUX 1 (Channel 9) as you have done and then assign it in the Lights Set-up page. You will then need to assign Lights2 to appropriate joystick buttons.

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