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Lumen Lights channel 7


Purchased recently the BluROV2, during assembly, it mentions that the yellow lumen controller cable should be plugged into channel 7 of the Pixhawk, but in the current pre-assembled configuration, channel 7 its already busy with something else, so I wonder if I am missing something?

Thanks a lot for your support! Looking forward


Hi @Emiliano Can you send us a picture of what the back end of your Pixhawk looks like?

Thanks a lot mate for your prompt reply. I have enclosed some pictures, I am probably missing something!


Channel 7 looks clear. If you look closely, there’s a bit of a gap. You will just need to nudge the other connectors apart a bit and slide the Lumen signal wire into Channel 7. Its a tight fit and definitely not ideal.

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Thanks chief! Should put my glasses on :slight_smile:

stellar prompt support !