Exstra Lumes wont connect?

Hi guys :)—small problem… get light in lumen 1… but connected the extra lumens to ch 15 and dont get respond at all… what am i missing? :wink:

If you connect lights to two different outputs on the pixhawk, then the lights are independently adjustable. You need to configure the other set of lights for ‘Lights 2’. You need configure the output channel (there is no channel 15) in the Lights tab, and the buttons to control the second set of lights in the Joystick tab.

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aaaaa ok :wink: tnx… will adjust after wet test :wink: …still cant record video?

Can you explain your problem with recording?

…øhhh really sounds stupid but where to start?;)))

…RED rec on strb side… but… will only go to “settings” of the flight overlay?

… and Please change the compass to something better;))))

…remove all of the plane, and keep the nose… kind of looks like a compass… if you can invert it… getting better;)…lots of choices;)

Hi your problem with the record button is not clear, can you please describe the problem with some more details? It sounds like you are using an old version of QGC or something, please make sure you are using our newest version.

…sorry if im rude:(… im an rov pilot and nooooo pc guy :wink: … if anyone can program this?.. you can do it all. :slight_smile:

…i installeded yesterday?..tryed with VLC to see too (after a 2 hrs)… but jjust a mess… just wat to see and rec my first dive;)

…please help ))…i got a Go Pro so i WILL get it :wink:

i will try;)

:Soory Jacob… we are spealking in two different things…TNX for that :wink:

…but how do i do it in the software?,… Hi im Forrest Gump in data :wink:

…just install it all?:wink:

Just pick the .dmg (Mac) or .exe (windows), download it and install it.

ive done it, but might it be that i connected it to channel 14 on the Pixhawk?..have no clue how to reprogram ar any software;)

…i fixed the rec problem by buying a mouse and not using the pad on the pc?..but i cant control my extra lumens… i connected them to channel 14?..and are stuck :wink:

…and i cant calibrate the depth sensor?

Channel 13 and 14 are reserved for relays by default. Please plug them into Aux1 and choose Channel 9 from the lights setup page.

The depth sensor can only be calibrated while disarmed.