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BlueROV2 Pixhawk Connection Reference

(Jeffrey Chrisope) #1

I’ve seen a thread on BlueROV1, but not on 2, and I frankly can’t with 100% confidence translate what I see on the other non-ArduSub or BR sites that describe this …

What exactly should be hooked up where on the Pixhawk in the BlueROV2 setup? In trying to get the (very tightly fitting) signal line for the Lumens in place, I dislodged a few other plugs, and now I’m not clear where they should go. I’d rather not smoke my new ROV before it even sees water!

Any help appreciated.

(Jacob) #2

Hello, the connections are as follows:

Motor Controllers -> Main out 1-6
Lights signal -> Main out 7
Camera tilt servo -> Main out 8
UBEC 5V supply -> SBUS