BlueROV2 Pixhawk Connection Reference

I’ve seen a thread on BlueROV1, but not on 2, and I frankly can’t with 100% confidence translate what I see on the other non-ArduSub or BR sites that describe this …

What exactly should be hooked up where on the Pixhawk in the BlueROV2 setup? In trying to get the (very tightly fitting) signal line for the Lumens in place, I dislodged a few other plugs, and now I’m not clear where they should go. I’d rather not smoke my new ROV before it even sees water!

Any help appreciated.

Hello, the connections are as follows:

Motor Controllers → Main out 1-6
Lights signal → Main out 7
Camera tilt servo → Main out 8
UBEC 5V supply → SBUS

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