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Assembly help needed

(Jimmi Rosenskjold) #1


We have bought the package from Bluerobotics with all the hardware and preloaded SD card.

We are complete newbies in this, so hope we can get some help in here.

Having followed the various instructions that are available we have boarded up the various components as show in the picture.

We are hoping a friendly soul can help to check if we have made any major errors in the setup before we connect the power. we have not connected tether yet, or the UBEC.

Any help will be much appreciated, thanks!


I’m a newbie also, so take it all with a grain of salt. From a damage standpoint, you can do whatever with ethernet cables and the thruster leads can be any which way and the only downside is it turns the wrong way so you swap any two wires. I think that Pixhawk connector can only be plugged in one way, so really I think all you could do wrong is get the power wires to the speed controllers backwards, or plug the UBEC in backwards. The speed controllers are just red to red and black to black, which it looks like you’ve done. The UBEC though, you should doublecheck that. I looked up a GPIO pinout for the Raspberry Pi and it looks like +5vdc is on the edge of the board there and the pic looks like it may be backwards.


(Jimmi Rosenskjold) #3

Thanks for the help Corndog - it is huge help, every pieces of info helps. I will upload a picture of the GPIO with the UBEC attached once I have studied the pinout.

(Jacob) #4

@Jimmi77 I agree with @corndog, it looks ok except the ubec on the pi header.

Here is a schematic diagram of the connections in the BlueROV2. Notice that the red wire from the ESCs should not all be connected to the pixhawk, only one red wire from the ESCs should be connected. You might need a dedicated power supply to power your solenoids.

(Jimmi Rosenskjold) #5

Hi Jacob, Thank a lot this is what we needed all along.