Bluerov2 kit assembly document questions

A couple quick questions on the assembly document if someone has time to answer them.

  1. I don’t have lighting modules yet, and I’m beginning to plan for them along with some modifications. Where specifically do the lights attach, which pixhawk attachment point, where specifically on the black bus bars? I suppose it doesnt even matter so long as polarity is correct.
  2. The battery elimination circuit. Are you crimping ends to attach them to the bus bars, or just looping wire ends around the screws?

edit: 3. how long should a Bluerov2 thruster cable exposed outer jacketless section of 3 conducter wire be (the bit from the outside of the penetrator to the inside of the ROV.

Thank you

Light attachment points:

The Light PWM input is hooked to the Pixahawk Servo Output Channel 7
The Light red (+) and black (-) power wires are attached to the the corresponding (+) and (-) power bus blocks.

As far as the BEC goes, I crimped terminal connectors onto the black and red power wires.

I believe that the BlueROV2 Thruster cables come pre-cut and pre-potted to the correct length for installation.



  1. The lights can be plugged into any channel as long as the “Lights” setup page is configured for that channel. They connect to the terminal blocks anywhere as long as polarity is correct.

  2. We add crimped terminals, but it is fine to loop the wire ends as well.

  3. I’m not sure what the wire length should be at the moment. I’ll have to check that on Monday.


they do, unless you are building your own from parts heh. Thanks!

Ok, thank you Rusty!

I think it’s coming along nicely so far. Next up, figuring out how to get servo wire extensions through a potting bolt thingy and potting them safely. That and buying a bunch more parts. I figure this time I’ll get the electrical done first, then build the 3d printed ROV shell around them.