Problems on using Rviz and moveit package to navigate the blueRov heavy

We try to use moveit and Rviz to control our blueRov so that the robot can move by the trajectories generated by the Rviz GUI. However, the problem is coming out.

Problem: The plan trajectories can be successfully set by Rviz GUI (we use mode GUIDED) and Move Group Python Interface, but the plan execution of the blueRov failed. Specifically, the blueRov can move a little, but it will get back to its original position.

Here are our experimental results.

Rov moving by using moveit(This is the video link)

The first one is the plan trajectories in the Rviz. The second one is the moving of the BlueRov2 heavy.

The ROV doesn’t follow the commander in Rviz. So, what I can do to fix this problem?

Thanks all for any help.

Hi @piggy2008, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Can you confirm that your vehicle

  1. has some form of positioning sensor (which is required for GUIDED mode to operate), and
  2. works well when controlled in Manual, Depth Hold, and Guided modes via QGroundControl?

I haven’t heard of Rviz before, so have no experience with it. If you provide some more information (vehicle setup and configuration, software and firmware versions in use, any other relevant details) I can ask our software team whether they have some idea what is going on, but if your vehicle is set up correctly for positioning then there may be some kind of issue with your Rviz setup or output, in which case you will likely need to seek help from the Rviz developers.

@EliotBR Thanks for your reply. 1. For the positioning sensor, we have DVL. 2. The controlling modes in QGroundControl work well. Rviz is the primary visualizer in ROS and an incredibly useful tool for debugging robotics. Here is the link for it: Rviz. We use moveit 1 melodic.

Hi @piggy2008,

We noticed the same “springy” behavior running this gist.

These are caused by an issue in GUIDED mode where the position controller was not being disabled when in velocity mode. I opened a pull request to address it.

Hopefully this will fix your issue as well.

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