Problema nos comandos dos propulsores

Hello, I have a problem with the equipment, it is simply not responding correctly to the commands of the controls, of the 6 thrusters, two work in the opposite order…

was not dismantled
was not rescheduled
checked the QGC settings, and nothing was found

Has anyone gone through something similar?

Hi @Piana,

Assuming the thrusters are connected to the correct ESCs, I’d recommend you follow our motor configuration instructions :slight_smile:

the equipment was working perfectly, and in suddenly it stopped working, nothing was mounted or dismounted, it simply stopped responding

Sorry, I missed this.

Was the initial problem fixed by the automatic motor direction detection, or was your follow-up comment intended to provide additional explanation of what’s going wrong (or perhaps a description of a new, different problem)?

If the problem is fixed but you were providing extra context to try to understand why it happened to start with, I expect there would have been a parameter reset or something which changed the motor direction parameters to different values.

The equipment just stopped responding, I don’t know the cause, but apparently some parameters are wrong… I did a restoration using QgraundControl itself and now, two impellers rotate in the opposite direction, I’m trying to solve it but I can’t

Have you tried the motor configuration instructions I linked to? The automatic configuration should be able to detect and resolve this issue.

By the way, which QGroundControl version are you using? You may also need to re-calibrate your joystick, in case the issue is from that rather than actually being related to the individual motors.