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Problem with cam and telemetry

(Eliano) #1

Hi, i nave a bluerobotics and until this morning it worked good, I updated the ground control to version 3.3 and have some problem, I haven’t access to telemetry and I couldn’t view the video. When I go to the console there is this error:" UDP COULD NOT RESOLVE HOST PORTA 2682" and it appears in the top of window : veichle 1 did not respond to requests for parameters. This will cause qgroundcontrol to be unable to display its full user interface.
I tried to update the picture and companion but nothing.
Please help me

(Jacob) #2

You should use the latest stable Blue Robotics version of QGroundControl (3.2.4-Rev4).

(Eliano) #3

Ok thanks so much…where I can download that version because I find only the 3.3 version.

(Jacob) #4

You can download it from the link in my previous post.