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QGC is not able to communicate with BlueROV2


I have purchased a BlueROV2 kit, assembled and tested with QGroundControl v3.2.4 - BlueRobotics Rev3 in Windows platform by installing setup from http://docs.bluerobotics.com/brov2/software-setup/#software-introduction.
Now I have taken the source code from https://github.com/bluerobotics/qgroundcontrol .
And I am trying to apply some small changes in GUI.
Compiled and created an exe in debug mode. When it is executing, the GUI is coming, but gives a message that the vehicle 1 is not connected. Still the video captured by vehicle camera is updating, also the compass data. Message also shows that system is unable to pass parameters to vehicle. When I checked the console it displays the message…UDP: could not resolve host: " " port: 60912.
It seems that the communication path from vehicle to computer is ok, but the other way is not identified.
Any suggestions please.

(Jacob) #2

Can you push your code to github so we can test it?


Hi Jacob,
Code has been uploaded in

(Jacob) #4

Hi @JosephAlex, what you have done is not very useful for us because we cannot see the changes that you have made. You deleted all of the original commits, and now have a single commit with the entire code in it. Can you please try to fork QGC, then commit your changes on top of it?


Hi @Jacob, I would like to say what was my objective and what I was done.

Objective :- My objective was to interface another software with QGroundControl software. So that the second software can be invoked from the GUI of QGroundControl. For this, my first aim is to make an exe with the environment in my PC and if it is working fine, add my own code and compiled again.

What I was done :- Source code of QGC, I was taken is version 3.2.4. Initially I built an environment for editing/compiling and building the exe. Environment setup includes : Qt Creator 4.5.0, Based on Qt 5.10.0 (MSVC 2015, 32-bit) under Windows 10. Now exe is built with this environment. And it will execute(GUI of QGC will come), from Debug folder (exe file built in Debug folder) as well as from the editor of Qt Creator. Exe file within release folder will not execute, gives error.

While executing the exe, camera data and compass data is updating in GUI, assumes that communication from ROV to PC is ok. And other way, not able to pass joystick commands to ROV. Joystick interface with PC is also checked and is ok. But not passing the joystick data from PC to ROV.

So currently I don’t have added my own code with this(not have been added a single line of code with 3.2.4). I’m trying to make the source code of QGC is working.


Hi @Jacob, is it possible to get the corrected code? I’m eagerly waiting for the response.

(Jacob) #7

Hi @JosephAlex,

Can you please carefully describe the first problem that you want to solve using our 3.2.4 branch? You have mentioned a lot of things in partial detail at the same time, it’s not clear what the problem is.

Everything is working correctly here on this branch.