Connectivity problems with Blue ROV

I’m having this problem with my ROV where it returns a live video feed but says disconnected in QGroundControl. There is a message in the upper right hand corner in the vehicle setup tab that says:

“QGroundControl can upgrade the firmware on Pixhawk devices, sik radio and PX4 flow smart cameras. All QgroundControl Connections to the vehicle must be disconnected prior to firmware upgrade.”

Has anyone who has encountered this be willing to offer some advice? Is there a way to work around it without upgrading the firmware?

Hi @Jayheymann, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

It sounds like your network configuration and camera setup are working correctly, but there’s some kind of issue with the MAVLink telemetry/control connection to the flight controller (Pixhawk / Navigator).

I would recommend you ensure you’re using our latest recommended software versions, and also making sure that your flight controller board is fully connected (with a confirmed working micro USB cable if using a Pixhawk). If that doesn’t help then perhaps your flight controller hardware is damaged or firmware is incorrect / corrupted, in which case you can try flashing ArduSub via a direct connection to QGroundControl (if using a Pixhawk), but otherwise you’ll likely need to contact to find the cause of the issue and/or sort out a potential replacement or refund if appropriate.