Problem when updating Ardusub

Hi patrick, I don’t have internet connection available. I’m triyng to upload the ardusub.exe(downloaded from the link that you provided) on the system page (pxhawk firmware update section) but it is not able to catch the bootloader. How can i proceed? Further, after the qgcontrol rev installation I do not have the motor icon (and the hopportunity to proceed with analysis).

From: Software Updates 8 May 2018 - #9 by patrickelectric

Hi David,

The link that I provided here does not download ardusub.exe, but yes ArduSub-v2.px4.

Can you restart your ROV to try again the update with ArduSub-v2.px4 ? If it continue to fail, you can try to update the pixhawk with QGC, but for this it’ll be necessary to remove the pixhawk from the ROV and connect it via the USB cable in your PC.

Thank you Patrick,
I was wrong telling you I downloaded ardusub.exe, it was ArduSub-v2.px4… I tried again after the rov reboot and the upload was ok!
the motor icon has appeared too on qgcontrol panel. Rebooting is often a good method to solve problems…
Yet I do not understand how to proceed with the motor analysis. Once I swich on the slide (arming the motors), I can move the motors controller but I do not understand how to visualize the analysis window you showed in your demonstrating post (18 may).
some of my thrusters are damaged at the moment and I would like to perform the analysis before I will send them back to nidorobotics. It will interesting for me to see differences between well and bad functioning thrusters…
many thanks

Hi Davide,

Can you point the post from may 18 ? Our last software update was in may 8.

You can open the analysis window from QGC in Widgets → Analyze, this was used in our Software Updates post to show the software current limiting feature.

The Motors Setup window is just to check the motor orientation and functionality allowing a easier test and configuration.