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Pressure Sensor Error


I have a new BlueROV2. I’d tested it briefly in a small pool without issue. However it now doesn’t seem to receive telemetry from the pressure sensor. It shows an Absolute Pressure error. When I attempt to calibrate the pressure sensor I get a message that it failed. What might be wrong?


I’m still using the 3.5.0 software.

(Jacob) #3

Is it plugged in to the I2C port on the Pixhawk? You may need to press it firmly to make sure it is seated. To make sure that the plug is oriented correctly, the black wire should be closest to the edge of the Pixhawk.

Please go to the application title bar menu and click Widgets > Mavlink Inspector > Vehicle 1. Scroll down and let me know if you see a SCALED_PRESSURE2 field.


It’s in the correct port and correct orientation. I restarted everything this morning to check the Mavlink Inspector and the pressure sensor is working normally again. I’d rebooted the vehicle and QGC laptop multiple times yesterday trying to troubleshoot this with no luck. Now I can’t get it to fail again. I’ve gently tugged the wires, put the electronics enclosure in different orientations and everything continues to work perfectly.

I’ll leave the vehicle powered up today to see if the problem returns. I assume everything but the thrusters should capable of indefinite operation in air?

(Adam) #6

Hi Ben,

Yes, except for the thrusters and lights, everything should be able to run indefinitely in air without a problem.


(Jacob) #7

…as long as your battery has a charge. @Ben Let me know if anything comes up with the pressure sensor again.