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30bar Pressure Sensor Not Recognized

(Reinhard) #1

Hi there,

I am experiencing troubles with the 30bar pressure sensor. I am on the

  • standard BlueROV2 configuration, with
  • Pixhawk 1,
  • GND_EXT_BUS set to Bus 1,
  • ArduSub firmware version 3.5.2,
  • QGC v3.2.4-BlueRobotics-rev4.

I can not calibrate, since the sensor is not recognized. In the MAVLink Inspector SCALED_PRESSUR2 does not show up.

Any suggestions, or might it be a hardware problem? Or can I only use the sensor in water, I am trying to calibrate it in air.


(Jacob) #2

It sounds like a problem in hardware. Can you show how you have it connected to the board? The black wire should be oriented toward the edge of the board.

It is ok to do this in air.

(Reinhard) #3

Hi Jacob,

thanks for the quick reply. The black wire is definitely oriented towards the edge of the board (checked this by reading other threads already). Was hoping for some software issues. Tried to change the firmware version to the 3.6.-dev but the sensor was also not recognized there, I am back at the stable 3.5.2 now.

Is there any way to determine if it is pressure sensor which is faulty, or maybe the Pixhawk?

thanks for your help, really appreciate it.

(Jacob) #4

We cannot narrow it down further to the sensor or the pixhawk without additional hardware to test with (another pixhawk or another sensor). I tend to blame the sensor in this situation because the pixhawk is apparently functioning in every other aspect.

Please contact support@bluerobotics.com to arrange a replacement or exchange.

(Reinhard) #5

Hi, new sensor arrived. Unfortunately the pressure value still does not show up in QGC. So is the problem the Pixhawk then or is it possible I got two malfunctioning sensors?

Anything else I can try, maybe other micro SD cards in the Pixhawk or the Raspberry?

I will enclose a picture of the Pixhawk connections. Thanks for the help.

(Jacob) #6

Well now I think it is the pixhawk, the connector socket may have come loose from the board. Please email us again.

(Reinhard) #7

I really appreciate how fast you are answering Jacob. Great support, really!

(Jacob) #8

Thank you for the kind words. I apologize for your misfortune and our mistake that this was missed in QA.

You should be able to operate the ROV normally in MANUAL and STABILIZE modes in the meantime.

(Reinhard) #9

Just wanted to let you know that it was in fact the Pixhawk having the issues. The replacement works perfectly, including the pressor sensor. Thanks!