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Bar30 pressure sensor not detected


(Marmik Thakkar) #1

Hello, I have an issue connecting the Bar30 Pressure sensor to QGroundControl.

I am using Pixhawk 1 and it is able to calibrate the Accel and GPS but not the Bar30 pressure sensor, it says pressure sensor not detected.

I have connected the Bar30 Pressure Sensor the i2c port and confirmed the GND_EXT_BUS is set to Bus1 but I cannot see any parameter as SCALED_PRESSURE or SCALED_PRESSURE2 or SCALED_PRESSURE3.

To test the sensor whether the sensor is dead or not.i connected the sensor to Arduino Uno to A4 SDA and A5 SCL and I could the see the values in the serial monitor. So I can confirm that the sensor is working.

Kindly help me in troubleshooting my issue.

Thank you in advance :wink:

(Jacob) #2

What autopilot are you using?

(Marmik Thakkar) #3

@jwalser I am using Pixhawk 2.4.8 and running on Ardusub 3.5.3

I will attach a link from where I have purchased Pixhawk.
link to the product

(Jacob) #4

It sounds like there may be some defect in the board connector, maybe you can inspect the pcb for bad solder joints or solder bridges.

You should reset to the default parameters, those will detect the sensor appropriately.

(Marmik Thakkar) #5

Sorry for the late reply, indeed it was a problem with the board. I changed the board and it started working