Pixhawk white light (red, blue, and green)

i am having a white light indicator in my pixhawk. what could it be mean. i need help to fix this. someone please help ASAP

White is strange, a combination of different status/errors?

Hi @jesselat -
Assuming you are running Ardusub, these are the color codes. The link @Boko provided is for PX4 autopilot firmware, which is a different autopilot solution.

hello im sorry i dont understand the the contents of the link you provided. what could be its meaning and how can i fix it? the pixhawk cant read by the pc. is there a way i can reset the pixhawk?

Sorry @jesselat - I should have explained better.
The white LED outptut could indicate the Leak detected failsafe has been triggered:

I found the link on this thread related to a similar topic.

Do you get the Leak detected alarm in QGround Control? If you disconnect the leak sensor from the Pixhawk, the fault may clear?

it does not have a leak sensor yet. im resetting it using the two buttons on its side but the white light is still there and the qground control cant read the pixhawk