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Pixhawk beeping and flashing led, straight out of the box

Hi, I just started working on setting up my pixhawk and as soon as I updated the firmware to ardusub it started beeping and qgroundcontrol says ‘leak detected’. The ACT led is blinking and the main/center led is blinking yellow/blue. Attached is a pic. Do I have a faulty board or something?

The SOS leak detector board must be attached, or you must disable the leak failsafe (I don’t recommend that).

I bought the ‘advanced rov electronics package for ardusub’ https://bluerobotics.com/store/comm-control-power/elec-packages/advpkg-ardusub-r1/
I don’t think the leak detector came with that. I’m planning on building an ASV so I don’t mind disabling the leak failsafe. Thanks!

Jacob, is there any documentation on the physical wiring between the pixhawk, the power supplies, the pi, etc.?

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