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Indicator lights

Are there any information available about the meaning of the indicator lights on the Pixhawk and Rasberry Pi? I have some trouble connecting the unit with the PC and hope that I can get some valuable information about what’s working and what’s not from those lights.

I don’t really use the LED’s for fault finding, but this might help LEDs Meaning — Copter documentation

I do remember having trouble connecting the Pixhawk directly to the PC to install Ardusub and the reason was because you need to start the firmware upgrade before connecting the Pixhawk.

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Hi @Algetun,

Best things I can point you to here are our software setup guide, and our troubleshooting documentation (there’s a quite extended section for “No Telemetry / “Waiting for Vehicle Connection” (No Autopilot Connection)”).

A quick way of narrowing down whether your issue is likely to be with the ROV electronics or top computer setup is seeing if the companion web interface is available when your ROV is powered on and connected to your computer. If it’s available then you have a successful connection between your top computer and the companion computer, so then you can focus on determining which component of that connection isn’t working. Otherwise you likely haven’t set up your network settings correctly, or don’t have valid companion computer software running on your ROV’s raspberry pi.

Feel free to post follow-ups if something in those links isn’t clear, or if you’ve found something that isn’t working but don’t know how to fix it (in which case please also include some more details of your top computer setup, and if known which versions of ArduSub and the companion software you’re running) :slight_smile:


Hi Eliot, thank you very much for your valuable information. I´ll try your suggestions.

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Thank you, I’ll try your suggestion and will post the result.