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Pixhawk telemetry rates

(Tim) #1

Hi all, what are the default and max pixhawk telemetry rates? Also, can anyone provide pymavlink code to adjust it or is it settable in QGC? Thanks in advance, Tim

(Jacob) #2

Default is not really relevant, every gcs will change them on connection.

The parameters that control this are the SR_* parameters. To change a Stream Rate, you need to change the parameter value. You can do this with the PARAM_SET message.

(Tim) #3

Thanks Jacob. So I assume in pymavlink one uses the command

param_set_send(self, parm_name, parm_value, parm_type=None)

Can you tell me what parm_name is for each of the streams you reference above? Thanks.

(Patrick José Pereira) #4

Hi Tim,

You can check all SR_* options available here.