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Pymavlink and setting pid tuning parameters

Hi, is there a way to adjust PID parameters corresponding to ATC_RAT_PIT_P, ATC_RAT_PIT_I, etc. for the rate controller in Acro mode using pymavlink calls in a script? If so, what are the commands? Thanks in advance, Tim

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Ignore the notes about temporary storage, this is the only one you need.

Jacob thanks for the response. I presume one uses the param_set_send method but I’m not sure how the command works. Would you mind providing the pymavlink command syntax to set ATC_RAT_RLL_P equal to .2, for example?


Hi Tim,

We have a good number of pymavlink examples, they show how to use mavlink messages with pymavlink explicitly, also check the code comments for further information.

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Absolutely brilliant beginners guide to Pymavlink.I could successfully get a lot of desired values from your guide.Thanks a lot.