Pixhawk 2.4.8. 7 and 8 pins not working in BlueROV2 Heavy frame

when connect all pins to pixhawk , 7 and 8 pins not working

Hi @vugarccc -
Are you trying to upgrade from standard frame to Heavy? You will need to change the frame type to activate channels 7 & 8 for control of the additional thrusters…are you following the documentation here?

i am using heavy but not working

Hi @vugarccc,

It is difficult for us to help you when we don’t know what you have tried so far, and how things are going wrong.

As some points to clarify:

  1. How have you determined that those pins are not working?
    • Have you checked the SERVO_OUTPUT_RAW MAVLink message contents?
    • Have you checked the pin signals with an oscilloscope, or connected them to known working ESCs and thrusters?
  2. Have you done the relevant software setup?
    • I recommend checking the SERVO7_FUNCTION and SERVO8_FUNCTION parameters to see whether they are correctly set to Motor7 and Motor8