Pixhawk Channel 7 PWM issues


I am working with a modified Heavy BlueROV2. I have noticed thruster #7 sort of only spins in spurts. I know it is not the thruster itself because I have swapped out different thrusters. I have also changed out different speed controllers. Sometimes it will spin normally but generally it will not operate properly. Is it possible that the PWM output of RC7 on the PX1 I am using is damaged? If so what would be the fix other than PX replacement?


Hi @heavyphantomboots, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Yes, it’s possible for electronics to be damaged, including failure of pins. If that is the case, there isn’t really a viable fix unless you want to dig into the Pixhawk datasheet, and obtain and replace some components in case it happens to help.

That said, it’s a bit odd that it’s an intermittent issue. Perhaps the signal pin for that channel is just bent or poorly soldered or something, in which case it may be possible to repair without excessive cost or effort. I’d recommend opening up the Pixhawk to see if there’s anything obviously wrong with the PCB or that pin.

Thanks. Just ended up using a spare Pixhawk and installing the latest version of QGS and seems to be good now.

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