Thruster issues after replacing Pixhawk

Good night, I’ve got a rather strange problem. I needed to replace the pixhawk from my ROV and I did, although after doing that two of the thrusters stopped working, I changed the thrusters, and I also tried to update the firmware on the pixhawk, and rebooting it to no effect. Thus, I was wondering if the problem lies with the Basic Escs of said thrusters, and if they need replacement or if there is a better alternative.

Thanks for your attention, any help would be appretiated.

Why did you need to replace your pixhawk? Was there a leak? What is your problem updating the firmware?

You can plug the thrusters into different escs to pin the problem on the esc, thruster or pixhawk.

The issue was resolved perfectly, it turned out one wire had come loose. Thanks for your attention anyway.

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