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Dead Pixhawk output?

Hi all,

I have standard 6 thruster BR2 on the workbench and one of the thrusters is not working.

Sequence of events:

  • Motor test in QGC reports “Motor test command failed” when testing output 5
  • Connected Thruster to test bench with new ESC and Thruster commander, Thruster #5 is not working and only giving a funny noise and not turning.
  • Replace Thruster. Same error message in QGC motor test.
  • Swapped output on Pixhawk between main out #5 & #6. - Thruster #5 (connected to out main out 6) is working fine. Thruster #6 (connected to main out #5) is not working

Q - Is there any way to monitor the output signal on the Pixhawk ?

Q - Is it possible to readress the outputs such as thruster #5 can be connected and mapped to an alternaitve output?

Connected to the pixhawk is:
6 x Thrusters to main 1-6
Leak deteection to AUX Out 6
Lights to main out 7
Camera tilt to Main out 8

Any help is much appreciated :slight_smile:

@Spipp I believe we took care of this in a support e-mail, if we did not, please send us an e-mail at support@bluerobotics.com

Yes! problem sorted. The Pixhawk was replaced and everything was operational again. I still do not know what killed the Channel 5 output on the Pixhawk.

Many thanks for superb assistance from @kklemens and his colleagues.