O2 and salinity sensors

I have been asked about O2/salinity sensor…Anything in the works??? I am customer driven…nice to get what they want…

You will be interested from the offerings from this company: https://www.atlas-scientific.com/

Hi William, we’ve worked with an O2 sensor from Sentec in Norway and it worked pretty well, even at relatively high pressures. We haven’t worked with any salinity or conductivity sensors. Do you have any more info on what sort of specifications your customers need?


@rjehangir, may you tell us some details? Which specific sensor/sensors have you tested? How did you read the data of the sensors? etc. etc.


Hi Nikos,

We used the Sentec OXYnor sensor with Modbus RS485 interface. We connected it through a spare twisted pair in the tether and read the data through their interface on the surface.


Sorry …long time to reply …
I am trying to start a monitoring program to gather raw data on salt marshland etc. Three very important indicators at this time is temperature, salinity, & pH. From a data collection point of view, moving up and down the water column or depth, can show data stream not recorded before. Also, it provides a much need detail picture of pockets of low/high temp/salinity/pH to monitor growth of shellfish or other marine life…I have been given info on possible salinity/pH sensor for ROV today. Will keep you posted…by the way, BlueRobotics is mention on a flyer from SeaGrant at MIT which I am connected to with your wonderful design ROV…if you make these sensor available, in my opinion, will open up a new market for your ROV …