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Salinity sensor

(William Gallagher) #1

Any thoughts on having a salinity sensor in the works?

(Harold Scadden) #2

That is not a hard item to build yourself. Just depends on how accurate you want to get.

(Jacob) #3

We are working on it :).

(Kai Hoppe) #4

That´s great news,
esp. for us not so nifty folks who are more likely to go out and use
the ROV instead of tinkering in the workshop :smirk:
i.e.: go for it, BlueRob, there’s a market for “plug & play” sensors!
And manipulators. And samplers. And …

(William Gallagher) #5

Great to hear it’s in the works!!! Ready in time for a Christmas Present?

(Adam) #6

Hi William,

Sorry, not quite! No estimates at this time, so it may be a while.


(William Gallagher) #7

So, way after Christmas. Fine.
I will be looking forward to record data from salinity sensor.

(William Gallagher) #8

Great I hope it’s done soon. Happy Thanksgiving