Salinity sensor

Any thoughts on having a salinity sensor in the works?

That is not a hard item to build yourself. Just depends on how accurate you want to get.

We are working on it :).

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That´s great news,
esp. for us not so nifty folks who are more likely to go out and use
the ROV instead of tinkering in the workshop :smirk:
i.e.: go for it, BlueRob, there’s a market for “plug & play” sensors!
And manipulators. And samplers. And …

Great to hear it’s in the works!!! Ready in time for a Christmas Present?

Hi William,

Sorry, not quite! No estimates at this time, so it may be a while.


So, way after Christmas. Fine.
I will be looking forward to record data from salinity sensor.

Great I hope it’s done soon. Happy Thanksgiving

Is there any update on a possible release date for a salinity sensor ?

Hi @Blackburn, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Blue Robotics is not currently working on developing our own salinity sensor, so we can’t give a release date for one. That said, the new BlueOS extensions system makes device integrations much easier to develop and share, and I believe we’ll be providing at least one third-party salinity-capable sensor via The Reef before the end of the year.

Hi @EliotBR, do you have any update on the third-party salinity capable sensor ? We are still looking for a simple, cheap and reliable way to integrate such sensor in our system.

Hi @Blackburn,

Not at this stage, no.

This thread is the most relevant discussion, and looking at the manufacturers called out in the first post it seems the ANB sensors are expected to have a salinity output but it’s currently “coming soon” (and just provides 0.0 value readings for now), whereas Atlas Scientific has a conductivity sensor that does already include a salinity output.

Neither option currently has a BlueOS extension available, so integrating them will require some programming at this stage, rather than being completely plug-and-play.