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Ice Tracker Prototype

(Daniel Carlson) #1

Hi- I am an oceanographer and I study the drift of icebergs and their interactions with the ocean around them. I use very simple GPS trackers but they only transmit position and time. I am building a new ice tracker with external sensors. I want to use the 4" enclosure with a 5 hole aluminum end cap. The temperature and pressure sensors look great. Any ideas on where to get an affordable, but somewhat decent, and easy-to-integrate conductivity sensor? So far, I am looking at the atlas kit: http://www.atlas-scientific.com/product_pages/kits/ec_k1_0_kit.html . Any others out there?

I will use the rockblock mk2 to transmit data. http://www.rock7mobile.com/products-rockblock

I’ll post updates as I build. Any suggestions welcome!!

(Tim Pierce) #2

How much accuracy do you need? There are quite a few sensors in the Aquarium controller arena designed for exposed submergance (though the temperature range might be above what you need) that are just 2-3 pin output. Something like this might work and be readiliy available for reproduction. The non lab grade one runs for around $70 usually.


(Roy Petter Dyrdahl Torgersen) #3

Hi Daniel, we’re in the process of designing a board that will acommodate both the Blue Robotics sensors, Atlas’s sensors and a variety of other sensors including GPS or an echosounder (or anything else that uses NMEA with a little bit of tweaking).

Our project is called EnviroSense, and the initial website and GitHub repositories will be up in a week or two from now, together with test data, We will post updates here as we go along, in the following thread: