Low-cost Water Quality Sensor Packs?

Hi there! I am in search of a low-cost, standalone (self-powered) sensor pack to measure and store data for pH, DO, conductivity, salinity, turbidity, or any of the above. Anyone?


I don’t have an answer for you, but I am interested to hear if anyone does.

Hi @kurt_bluerobotics

Low-cost and standalone sensor ? :slight_smile:

The Clam/Mussel Toxicity Sensor …

This may make you smile but it has been tested in real conditions !

What you are looking for is a CTD sensor :

A slightly less analog, clam-orous or clam-azing solution but very likely more effective than the clam based toxicity sensor :

Have a look about their products. It’s interesting!

Thanks for the info! That CTD sensor looks similar to the one I found at Atlas Scientific:

They also have pH and dissolved oxygen sensors.

That mussel sensor looks cool!

@kurt_bluerobotics as I am sure you have discovered, the “low-cost” aspect scales very differently when you start looking at commercially available full sensor packages, depending on the accuracy and precision levels that you are needing.

It sounds like you are looking for a multiparameter sonde.
One open-source option that you can look into, for the sensors that you have already found is OpenCTD.

As far as commercial units go, the lowest price that I have found are Eureka Water Probes’ Manta+ , though they are still on the order of thousands of dollars.

My preferred, comparable option, would be the In-Situ Aqua Troll. I have found them to be a more reliable system with a great, intuitive UI.

If money is no object (though I know it always is) you can step up to systems from AML and RBR.

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Hey Ryan, thanks for all that information – very helpful. I’m especially interested in the OpenCTD solution!