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Water sampling addition

(Wayne Holtzclaw) #1

My daughter and I are looking at adding a pH sensor, Turbidity sensor and a TDS sensor to her ROV; we are hoping to get the outputs displayed on the QGC, is this something that is possible, does anyone have a link on where we can go to research this? All of the sensors are designed for an Arduino interface. We are running the advanced ROV electronics package with the Raspberry Pi.


(Terry Eglinton) #2

That would be fabulous! I would have a customer signed up tomorrow if this capability was available.

(Wayne Holtzclaw) #3


I know we will get it done; just going to be a matter of the communications lol.

The downfall at this point is the depth concerns. We are using this in inland waters, so our max depth is only about 15’. Most of the sensors we can afford definitely can’t withstand any significant pressures, but we will work on that side.

When we get it worked out, we’ll let you know; this has been one hell of an expensive science project for us lol, maybe we can recoup some of the money lol.


(Terry Eglinton) #4

Thanks Wayne, look forward to it. For UK reservoirs we are looking at a depth of approx. 20m.

I am sure you could recoup some money by offering a sensor / software package.

(Dag Elias Sørdal) #5

maybe you can get the arduino to talk to pixhawk via i2c?

i have looked at ph sensors when fixing my hot tub but they are fairly expensive, and need calibration quite often. have you found what sensor you are going to use?

(Jacob) #6

It is possible, but it will take some time to study and learn the code base.

The software is open source and hosted on github.

You can learn about how the software components work and communicate at ardusub.com.


I’m curious, have you selected your sensors? I’ve used the environmental probes/sensors from Atlas Scientific, including pH. I haven’t had the greatest experience with them, but don’t know of anything better in the size and price range.

(Wayne Holtzclaw) #8

@skcolb, We are using the sensors from Gravity Analog;

They are not advertised as being water proof, but I think we can manage to take care of that on our end. They were very inexpensive, but I do question their durability in an underwater environment. As we are staying coastal and will maintain a depth of less than 20 feet, they should be ok.


(Wayne Holtzclaw) #9

@jwalser, Thank you for pointing me in the right direction; we should receive the probes tomorrow and should start working on the communication side this weekend.