pH Sensor Recommendations?

Hi all,

I’m looking for suggestions for a pH sensor that is depth rated to 300m. We are looking to build a watertight sensor that measures depth and pH simultaneously (using the Bar30 sensor). I’ve seen a few discussions on here about pH sensors including the ones by ANB, Atlas etc. The Atlas sensor looks really straight forward but is only rated to 70m; the ANB sensor looks fantastic but is pricey. Are there any others out there? Has anyone had any experience with the ANB sensor?


Hi @tris, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

There are several sensor options that come up when searching for “underwater pH sensor”, but as is unfortunately often the case with low volume products it’s generally required to contact the provider to find out information like how large and heavy they are, what kind of signal they communicate with, how much they cost, etc., which makes it difficult to compare options.

From the Blue Robotics side we generally make posts about it when we work on an integration, or encourage posts when we know about one, so I don’t expect there are more that we know about having been integrated with our vehicle system, but I’ve asked internally just in case, and will get back to you if there are :slight_smile:

From the ANB thread you linked to, it’s unclear whether @FairweatherIT (or anyone else) ended up trying out their sensors. Hopefully you’re able to get a response from someone in the community, even if it’s @ANB themselves discussing more about how their BlueROV2 integration work went, and how their customers have been responding.

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Following up on this, in general there aren’t really any other ones that we’re familiar with. That said