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PH & ORP sensors - tips for supplier?

I am looking for a supplier of PH and ORP /Redox sensor for an environmental survey.

I have checked Atlas Scientific but I am looking for turnkey solution that either is self recording or connected through ethernet. The Atlas sensors looks perfect but we do require the interface /logging solution.

There is full Subsea depth sensors available but we only need 300m depth rating.

Anyone with ideas of companies with such sensors available?

I saw someone advertising a PH sensor in this thread. pH Sensor for BlueROV2

Hi I used the sensors from Atlas Scientific on the BlueROV2 for environmental surveys in the past. You can build a datalogger using an Arduino. The setup and programming is really straight forward.

Nido robotics was working on this, not sure if it was released as a product

@Spipp Please pm me we might have your solution.