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pH O2 sensors Recording

Along with the sediment Sampler nice to have a pH and O2 live feed with recording. I have the Temp already in the ROV…


Hi @RogueWave,

We get the pH question quite a bit from those in the science industry. It had been a lack of available depth rated sensors that prevented this. In December 2019, Atlas Scientific came out with industrial pH and ORP sensors that @dgudiel and I put on an ROV for the Ocean Sciences Meeting: LinkedIn Post

We’ll do a guide in the future after we get some other projects out of the way. It’s unlikely we’ll integrate this into the telemetry steam from the Pixhawk as ArduSub is more of a control system than an environmental sensor system, but there should be an opportunity to take pH readings.

I think Atlas is still working on their industrial D.O. sensor.

Thanks for the feedback …helpful

Hi William,

We have developed a new pH sensor that we are commercialising in August. We did some tests with it on the BlueRov2 earlier this year. If you are still interested in this measurement, please get in touch.