No video standard package

hello, I have my ROV connected to laptop running windows 10. I connect thru QGroundcontrol. I can control thrusters and lights but I am not getting any video. I have the standard electronics package. HELP!!!

Hi Eddie,

Thats right, the “Standard” electronics sends video topside as a composite NTSC signal. You will need to connect either:

  • A video monitor (NTSC), or
  • A video capture board (which will convert the composite video signal to display on a computer)

to the RCA connector on the topside board.

I have a video monitor hooked up with the yellow lead of a composite video cable to the top-side box and to the video monitor. I have the video monitor on audio video input. getting no signal.

I would double check your wiring. Also verify that whatever monitor you are using works with a composite NTSC signal.

Hi Eddie,

Could you share a few pictures of how you have things connected up? That would be really helpful.


I changed monitors and it works fine. The monitor is new so maybe there is a setting I am missing. Thanks