No video in QGC - help for a dive tomorrow

I powered up the ROV after it was stored for a bit and I have full connectivity, but no video.

I have opened the pod to troubleshoot and connected the laptop straight into the raspberri pi, and all i get now is “no video” or the following screenshot:

The upload/download tests are around 80 Mbps using the tether and the

QGC version is 3.2.4
Companion version is 0.0.15

Gstreamer options are:
! h264parse
! queue
! rtph264pay config-interval=10 pt=96
! multiudpsink clients=,

I have also tried connecting the spare low light usb camera I have, same result.

Any ideas? I have a dive planned in the morning.


What version of Windows are you using? You need to use windows 10.

Windows 7, ok, I’ll try a W10 laptop …