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No Ping360 sonar signal after installing the Ping360 wires into BlueROV2 via USB

Hi, we recently bought a BlueROV2 and Ping 360.
We have tried to connect Ping360 directly to laptop, and we can get the signal from Ping-Viewer. However, when we installed Ping360 on BlueROV2 Raspberry Pi via USB, and connected the BlueROV2 to laptop, we got nothing from Ping-Viewer. The Ping360 even cannot be found through Ping-Viewer. We have checked that the BlueROV2 has connected to the laptop through QGroundControl, and the camera installed on BlueROV2 also worked. We can get the signal of camera through QGroundControl. Only the Ping360 signal is missing. Could you help us to fix this issue? Thank you.

To check if the Raspberry is connecting to Ping:
Go to system page
There you should find Ping as device and as service if Raspberry is finding it.