Problem PING 360


My PING 360 was connected to the USB rasp PI on my BlueROV and it was working fine. I decided to switch it to Ethernet to gain a USB port by connecting it to an Ethernet switch and changing the communication of the PING 360. The PING 360 didn’t work after that so I reconnected it to the USB port on the rasp PI and since then it hasn’t been recognised by BlueOS at all. Only my PING 1D is recognised in BlueOS. The LEDs on the PING 360 are lit and it is powered by the BlueRov. BlueOS tells me usb0 not connected. I don’t know if this is related to my Ping 360. Do you have any solutions?


Hi @Eloi,

If you followed our ethernet configuration instructions when changing the communications interface of the Ping360 then it is likely set to the IP address, which from your screenshots is also an IP address you’ve configured for two of your BlueOS network interfaces. Whenever multiple interfaces have the same address there’s a conflict in which one is able to communicate, so that might be the problem here.

If you change the Ping360 to its ethernet interface and then connect it directly to a computer running Ping Viewer (i.e. not via/with a system running BlueOS), does it get detected?

Did you remember to change it back to the ethernet communication interface before re-connecting it to the USB port? In the guide there’s a warning that

As with any system, it’s often simplest to test in isolation where possible, so I’d recommend trying to test both the USB and ethernet interfaces of your Ping360 via a direct connection to a computer running Ping Viewer, and if that works you at least know it’s unlikely to be the device itself that’s the problem.

If either USB or ethernet connection is determined to be faulty then please submit a product problem report (which there’s also a link to from the “Resources” dropdown in the forum header bar) for the support team to help sort out :slight_smile:

Hey Eliot,

I managed to connect the PING 360 to Ping Viewer via USB on the computer. Then I did the same thing but on Ethernet and it worked.

I then connected it to the BlueRov’s Ethernet switch and waited 10-15 min for it to recognise it. I then configured the Static IP address in Ping Viewer. Then, in the Ping 360 viewer, it did a quarter turn and stopped.

I then switched the bluerov off and on again and the Ping 360 no longer wanted to connect to Ping Viewer. So I switched back to Ethernet directly on the computer and that didn’t work either.

Do you have any solutions, please ?

Glad to hear it - this suggests the Ping360 is working as intended :slight_smile:

As in my previous comment:

If you have one or more BlueOS IP addresses configured to, and you’ve also configured your Ping360 to then they will fight over who is allowed to talk on the network, so you’ll need to configure them to different IP addresses.

You can either:

  • remove the addresses from your BlueOS eth0/usb0 configurations, or
  • change the Ping360 one to another (unique) address in the same sub-net
    • e.g.
This is normal, and unrelated to the Ping360 🙂

To clarify, usb0 is the name of the network interface when you connect your Raspberry Pi to a computer using a USB cable, via its USB-C port. Most users have no need of that, but it can be useful for development purposes (for example, I use it on my desk setup to avoid needing an ethernet cable in addition to the USB-C cable I’m already using to power the Raspberry Pi).

If you’re connecting to your BlueOS device via ethernet or wifi then it’s expected for the usb0 interface to be “Not Connected” :+1:

It’s not clear from this description, but if your BlueOS device was still turned on and connected to the network when you were testing the direct Ping360 ethernet connection then the IP address conflict still exists, in which case it’s likely just the same issue.

I have had nothing but issues attempting to connect P360 over ethernet. My local distributer has been on the case & BR I am told are aware and able to recreate the issue. The latest I heard was there there is an issue occurring in the Ethernet switch which is preventing the P360 to work over Ethernet, but BR are working it and looking to resolve the issue. Full rundown of my story here: Ping360 not working through Ethernet and Low Bandwidth on brand new build