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Ping360 Ethernet

Hi, I am with Arizona State Underwater robotics working on designing a AUV for AUVSI and the ping 360 looks really appealing for this task. We currently are using a nivida jetson as our main computer and dont have any spare USB ports and RS485 isn’t something we want to do if possible. We saw that Ethernet support is possible but not yet implemented, we were wondering if there is a possible timeline of when this would happen and if not would it be possible to do it on our own.

We aren’t working on an Ethernet cable anymore because we couldn’t find a supplier that was willing to make a JST-GH to RJ45 cable for us.

You can certainly try to make one on on your own, the Ethernet configuration wire colors can be found on the Technical Details tab.

Will that require a change to the firmware on the ping 360

@colt117, The ping360 will run on ethernet with pingviewer today if you plug it into a router on the network, we just don’t support it on our own rov platforms right now (but that will come soon).

We are preparing the documentation on ip configuration etc. The default configuration is DHCP client.

Sweet thanks for your help were planing to have a pi inside the bot act as a router so that solves that problem