Ping360 Ethernet

Hi Ramon,

I found that you have to hook the Ping360 to a router that your computer is plugged into. after connecting through a router, it should connect without a problem and you should be able to change the Ping 360 connection settings to what you require. after you choose the preferred settings you should be able to plug it directly into your computer aftwards.

hope this helps

Hello Aaron.

Had connected straight to the PC without any router and finally got it working, only on the PingViewer plugging is a little bit confusing, after change it to the Static IP, need to apply twice to be able to get it change and get comms.

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Great that you managed to get it working! :slight_smile:

Would you mind providing some extra details for this? When I try it on my computer it sets the IP as soon as I press confirm, and is available instantly. My Ping360 is connected to our Ethernet Switch, then a Fathom-X, then the Tether, then the FXTI, and finally via USB to my computer. Is your setup the same?

Here’s what the IP setting process looks like for me:

What if can’t see that hardware wheel on the right side of the UDP line?
I can’t find the place where I can set the static IP.

Hi @odedezra,

From your screenshot it looks like you’re not actually connected to a Ping360 (there’s one in the list at the same port as a Ping1D, but it’s red which means it’s not able to be connected to, so it may have been added manually and failed to connect because there isn’t actually one available at that port (or because there’s a port clash with a Ping Sonar, but that shouldn’t occur if you’re using the Ping360 in its ethernet configuration).

It may also be relevant to update to a more recent Ping Viewer version, in case you’re on an old one from before the IP configuration was an included feature.

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Thanks @EliotBR
For some reason it shows two ping1D even though there’s only one connected, and actually I could connect to Ping360 even though it showed in red, but it was while it was set to USB connection. I thought that I should be able to see this hardware wheel on the right side also when connected via USB but I guess I have to be on ethernet connection.