Ping 360 not always starting

Hi Folks, we’re having issues with our ping 360, it’s connected over ethernet, has a fixed ip ( Sometimes it’s available in ping viewer after startup and works perfectly -but sometimes not. It requires power cycling (with battery) to get it going when it doesn’t show up.

And sometimes when it does show up, it doesn’t rotate, just seems to be stuck jerking around the 12oclock position with no readouts.

And sometimes when we’re using it, it freezes in position, gives no readouts and jerks around at whatever value it’s frozen at.

I noticed something strange today where it was visible in pingviewer, but not rotating or giving any readings:

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve had a look at these logs, there seems to be a lot of errors, could anybody have a look to help us make sense of them?

20240513-113506700.txt (19.0 MB)

Hi @XYZEng -
We’ve reviewed the logs, it seems that some part of your issue may be caused by data being received by an ipv6 address. Is it possible to disable ipV6 on the computer network interface you’re using with the system?
Can you also provide a BlueOS log file - found in the settings gear in the lower left?