Using telemetry, ping 360 sonar data from Raspberry Pi 4 to remote PC (without wifi)

On my boat, I have a ping 360 sonar connected to a Raspberry Pi, and I would like to view sonar data using the ping viewer. How can I use telemetry & pixhwak to archive this? Could you help me?

Hi @Sakthivelj, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

The Ping360 communicates via the Ping Protocol, which is unrelated to the autopilot operation provided by a flight controller, and is similarly unrelated to the MAVLink telemetry stream provided by ArduPilot autopilots.

In BlueOS (which runs on the Raspberry Pi Onboard Computer in our vehicles) there’s a built in service for detecting Ping family sonar devices and presenting them to the Control Station Computer through the local network (e.g. through the tether for an ROV), which allows Ping Viewer to detect[1] and connect to them.

If you don’t want to use BlueOS then you could set up similar functionality by directly using the bridges application, which is what BlueOS uses internally.

  1. Ping Viewer’s automatic detection is reliant on having a wired connection to the onboard computer, or a direct ethernet connection to a Ping360, otherwise you’ll need to manually specify the IP address and port the device is available at. ↩︎