Display the data on remote device on the ping viewer app that installed on the host computer

The sonar ping is attached on my raspi4. I wan to visualize the data on the ping Viewer app that was installed on my laptop (Linux based). Does anyone know how to do it ?

Hi @jenanaputra, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

What software are you running on your RPi4, and how is it connected to your laptop? In our vehicles we run BlueOS on the onboard computer (RPi), and it automatically sets up a proxy between the connected Ping device and Ping Viewer running on the topside computer.

If the ping sonar is the only thing you want to connect to (and you don’t need the rest of the BlueOS functionalities) then you can install and manually configure the bridges application, which is what BlueOS uses to create the ping proxy.

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Hi @EliotBR

My laptop is connected to RPi4 by using the wireless connection. I tried to run the code “python3 pingproxy.py–device /dev/ttyS0 --baudrate 115200” in the RPi4, and run the pingViewer Apps on my top side laptop, but nothing came up on the device manager in PingViewer. Have any idea about this ?

This is expected behaviour if you don’t have a directly tethered connection, because Ping Viewer does not know which address to look for the sensor at. You’ll need to specify the device’s IP and port manually.

Note that the bridges application (which I linked to in my previous comment) should work better for a Ping360 connection than pingproxy.py, because it’s more efficient and can handle higher data rates.