NEW DVL intergration to Ardupilot

Hi,we have a new DVL(Hover 1000),but i don‘t know how to integrate it to Ardusub.I have read this article “ArduSub Research & Development: DVL”,but i can’t find a specific way to complete integrating.I am a mechanical engineer,i think i need help from the Bluerobotics software team.Could you tell me how do they write the driver to convert the data.Hope your graciously help will help our commnuity more strong.

Hey, try here

Thankyou,but This is not what I want. I think what i want is a way that how to write a extension for a new kind DVL which named hover 1000 that made in china.

It’s cheap than DVL-A50,more affordable.I hope it can integrate with Ardusub and blueos.

Hi @octopus -
Can you share any documentation hover DVL 1000 has? If we know the messages it sends, an extension should just be as simple as a python script that converts them to the correct format for Ardusub to interpret.

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202211 H1000用户手册.pdf (12.8 MB)
Hover 1000 QuickStart v1.0.pdf (4.5 MB)
Hi,thankyou. Here are documentations.It is written in Chinese, and I am happy to provide assistance if needed.

I found this in manual, via google translate:

Data Format controls how the device outputs data. At present, H supports three data formats, one is PLT binary format, mainly used for display control software display; the other is PDASCII code format; the third is EPDASCII code format. Note that the data format can only be selected from three options and cannot be output at the same time.

( )PD Data format
When you need to use the PD data format, you must first set the “data format” to PD format in the parameter setting area of the display control software (note that the display control software is unable to parse or display the data at this time). The statement definition of the PD data format is shown in Table .
When the water layer is closed, currently H only outputs 1 statements, namely SA, TS, BI, BS, BE and BD. When the water layer is turned on, statements such as WI, WS, WD and WE will be added.

An example of output in PD format is given below (the water layer is turned on). Note that the blank part in the middle of each statement is a space symbol.
Please note: The current PD format given by H is the classic PD format. The length of each statement is fixed, and the length of each data is also fixed. When there are not enough valid digits, spaces will be added in front. . If you need the revised PD format, that is, without adding spaces, please contact our company.

(ꏰ)EPD data format
When you need to use the EPD data format, you must first set the “data format” to EPD format in the display control software parameter setting area (note that the display control software is unable to parse or display data at this time). The specific statement definitions of the EPD format are shown in Table .

The document may have data needed to create an extension and use this device! The first step would be to create a python script that can receive the data from the DVL via an ethernet connection. With that raw data, and knowledge of it’s composition coming from this document, the script can then structure the data in the appropriate format for Ardusub and send it via the Mavlink2Rest interface.

Fine,can you share the similar python script,like the script for DVL-A50,so I can refer to it to write a new script.Thank you.

Sure thing! Checkout these two examples:
Waterlink DVL
Cerulean DVL