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DVL support in ardusub

Anyone know if there is going to be a new ardusub release in the near future with DVL support ?

Yes it will. It is being designed for Waterlinked’s A-50 DVL, so that will be pretty much plug and play.
It is currently in late development stage, we plan to have it tested and tuned in the coming weeks.

That’s good news! How is it going now?

We expect to have a public branch of Companion available for testers in a few days.

Hi Willian Galvani,

How are the tests going?

Hello, we have some work completed on github in ardupilot and companion that developers may work with on their own, but we are not prepared to provide support or guidance for DVL with ArduSub for normal users/operation. There is still a lot of work and testing that needs to be done before we provide a public release with support and documentation. When we get to that point, there will be a public announcement.

Thank you all for your interest, user feedback guides our prioritization of tasks.

is it possible to send a mavlink message for example with pymavlink in order to set a waypoint ? or for the time being it is only possible to set it on position hold mode ?